Sunday, September 20, 2009

Don't Forget Your Pearls

A pearl is "unique," literally and no two are exactly the same.  There is a very interesting history about pearls along with many name a few  they were believed to be Aphrodite's tears of joy, magic, Cleopatra's love potion were believed to keep a bride's tears from dropping and symbolize love, wealth and happiness.  

This oldest known gem has long signified elegance and sophistication. People have been adorning themselves with pearls since ancient time. Ponytail pearls are a gorgeous hair accessory.  They are simple but yet elegant.

Whether you are a Bride, Bridesmaid or Flower girl ponytail pearls are a unique find. I have my own ponytail pearls and think they are awesome.  Even though they are guaranteed, I was worried about wrapping them when I first got them. I know now that they will hold up and I wear them all the time :-)

thanks D :-)


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